Linux Games

Free Linux Games

Most popular and free collection games for Linux operation system. Some of these games are extremely popular and used by thousands of users in the world. List of video game genres: CD1 (Action), CD2 (Strategy, Arcade), CD3 (Simulator, Logical, Installers, Demos), CD4 (RPG, Board, Utils).


How to install the game in Linux?

rpm -Uvh name_of_the_game

How to install the game from source code?

./configure –prefix=path_to_the_game
make install

Name: Linux Games (4CD)
Type: Stable
Date: 2004
Comment: GPL license, RPM

Download CD1, CD2, CD3, and CD4

ALT Linux 4.0

ALT Linux 4.0

ALT Linux 4.0 Office Server is a fixed-featured server operating system, fully customizable via a web interface (successor to the ALT Linux SOHO Server).


ALT Linux 4.0 Office Server

The Office Server interface makes it easy to manage:
– firewall (using a simplified or detailed interface);
– mail server with support for anti-virus and spam;
– Apache2 web server (web server modules, virtual servers);
– proxy server (with support for access statistics output);
– Samba server (organization of access to directories accessible via the Samba protocol);
– FTP server;
– system updates (including setting up update sources);
– user accounts (including changing the credentials and quotas for the used space);
– network interfaces;
– uninterruptible power supplies;
– set the date, time, time zone;

Benefits regarding ALT Linux 4.0 SOHO Server:
– modern package base of the ALT Linux 4.0 line;
– Linux kernel 2.6.18 with security patches and updated drivers;
– A new Alterator installation and administration environment;
– support for storing accounts in the LDAP database (most network services automatically use this database for access control);
– a number of new configuration modules (including: backup, management of a DHCP and FTP server);
– mail server with spam filtering;
– support for x86 and x86-64 platforms.

Name: ALT Linux 4.0 Office Server
Kernel: 2.6.18
Type: Stable
Date: 2008

Download ALT Linux 4.0 Office Server