OpenSolaris is open source computer distro based on Solaris created by Sun Microsystems.

Get the OpenSolaris Starter Kit! DVD1 and DVD2

It’s free! Inside you’ll find tutorials, documentation, and two DVDs filled with useful software. Get started using OpenSolaris technology — right on your laptop or home PC.
This kit will help you learn about the OpenSolaris source code and the community. On the DVDs, you’ll find:
Solaris Express — Preview future features of Sun’s Solaris Operating System. Also inside: ZFS, DTrace, Containers, and hundreds of other unique features.
Live CDs — These bootable images allow you to check out community-built distributions of OpenSolaris, each with unique features:

– Nexenta OS
– BeleniX
– SchilliX

Sun Studio compilers — Get advanced features for developing applications on Sun Solaris platforms.
OpenSolaris source code.
System Requirements — x86/x64 based system.
There are no shipping and handling fees associated with ordering the OpenSolaris Starter Kit, so request one today!


Linux Distro: OpenSolaris 2009.06
Type: Stable
Date: June 1, 2009
Feature: ZFS, DTrace, and Containers.

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