FreeBSD 1

FreeBSD 1.0

FreeBSD 1.0, released in December 1993, was one of the early versions of the FreeBSD operating system. FreeBSD is a Unix-like operating system that has its roots in the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD).

FreeBSD is a 4.4BSD-Lite based operating system for the Intel architecture (x86) and DEC Alpha based systems. Ports to other architectures are also underway.


FreeBSD 1.0 is based on the 4.4BSD-Lite release from Computer Systems Research Group (CSRG) at the University of California at Berkeley, and carries on the distinguished tradition of BSD systems development.

This project had its genesis in the early part of 1993, partially as an outgrowth of the “Unofficial 386BSD Patch kit” by the patch kit’s last 3 coordinators. The fist distribution was FreeBSD 1.0, released in December of 1993. This was based on the 4.3BSD-Lite (“Net/2”) tape from U.C. Berkeley, with many components also provided by 386BSD and the Free Software foundation. It was a fairly reasonable success for a first offering, and we followed it with the highly successful FreeBSD 1.1 release in May of 1994.

UNIX Distro: FreeBSD 1.0
Developer: The FreeBSD Project
Type: Stable
Date: November 01, 1993
Size: 312.00 MB
Feature: The first official release. The Ports Collection

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