Red Hat 9

Red Hat Linux 9.0

Red Hat 9 comes with code-named Shrike, was updated on April, 2003. The kernel released with the CDs is 2.4.20. Everything has been compiled with typical compiler GCC 3.2 and with important system library GNU libc 2.3.


The complete archive contains 9 CD: shrike-docs-APAC, shrike-docs-EMEA, shrike-docs-US, shrike-i386-disc1, shrike-i386-disc2, shrike-i386-disc3, shrike-SRPMS-disc1, shrike-SRPMS-disc2, and shrike-SRPMS-disc3.
Red Hat 9 is indeed a nice and beautiful KDE or Gnome desktop. Overall good performance and Red Hat stability. The Red HaT 9.0 will be basis for the new future product RHEL 3.

Linux Distro: Red Hat 9
Name: Shrike
Kernel: 2.4.20-8
Type: Stable
Date: 31 March 2003
Feature: KDE 3, GNOME 2. Introduced NPTL and new updated kernel 2.4.

Download Red Hat Linux 9.0 (9CD, RAR5)

Red Flag 5.0

Red Flag Linux 5.0

Red Flag Linux is a defunct Chinese Linux distribution developed by Red Flag Software. The distribution logo is Tux carrying a prominent red flag. The new version, boasting improved reliability, usability, security and hardware compatibility, is built on top of Linux kernel 2.6.9 and supports Chinese (GB18030 and Big5 encodings), Japanese, Korean and English languages.


Linux Distro: Red Flag Linux 5.0
Kernel: 2.6.9
Type: Stable
Date: 2005
Feature: supports Chinese

Download Red Flag Linux 5.0