SLS Linux

Softlanding Linux System

Softlanding Linux System was founded by Peter MacDonald in May 1992 and it was one of the first Linux distro in the world. “Gentle Touchdowns for DOS Bailouts” is the official slogan. SLS was a pioneering effort in the early days of Linux, and it played a crucial role in the history of Linux distributions. Here are some key points about SLS Linux:

First Linux Distribution:

SLS is often considered the first Linux distribution, preceding other early distributions like Slackware and Debian.

Release Year:

SLS Linux was first released in 1992, just a year after Linus Torvalds released the initial version of the Linux kernel.

Content and Packaging:

SLS included a collection of software, utilities, and the Linux kernel itself.
Unlike modern package management systems, SLS didn’t have sophisticated tools for resolving dependencies or automated installation. Users had to manually resolve and install software dependencies.

Manual Installation:

Installing SLS was a manual process that involved floppy disks. Users needed to go through a series of steps to set up the system.

Influence on Future Distributions:

SLS Linux laid the groundwork for subsequent Linux distributions, influencing the development and structure of later projects.
Despite its historical significance, SLS faced challenges related to ease of use and package management.


SLS Linux paved the way for the development of other distributions that sought to address the challenges of manual installation and dependency resolution.
Slackware, created by Patrick Volkerding, was one of the first distributions to improve upon SLS, introducing a package management system and simplifying the installation process.


While SLS itself is not widely used today, its legacy lives on in the sense that it was an essential step in the evolution of Linux distributions.
Modern distributions have benefited from the lessons learned through the development and use of SLS.
The creation of SLS marked an early milestone in the history of Linux, demonstrating the potential of collaborative software development and laying the foundation for the rich ecosystem of Linux distributions that exists today.


SLS contains around 500 tools designed to provide the computer operating system for the general user. This Linux distribution includes many tools for compression, text editing, communications, programming, and mail mail transfer agents. Also supported are DOS files and folders, a DOS emulator, and popular protocol TCP/IP.

Linux Distro: SLS 1.0 – SLS 1995
Kernel: 0.99
Type: Stable
Date: 1993-04-07
Size: 160.00 MB
Feature: It was one of the first Linux distro.

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