Debian 2.0

Debian GNU/Linux 2.0  (hamm)

Debian 2.0 introduced the new official port, m68k.  During this time the first port to a non-Linux kernel, Debian GNU/Hurd, was started. Available for download in ISO image format.


Linux Distro: Debian 2.0
Kernel: 2.0.34
Codename: Hamm
Type: Stable
Date: July 24 1998
Feature: m68k port

Download Debian 2.0

Debian 1.3

Debian 1.3 (Bo)

Debian 1.3 (Bo), released 5 June 1997, contained 974 packages maintained by 200 developers.
The main difference from 1.3 to 1.3.1 is the inclusion of XFree86 3.3 . This solves a number of known security bugs and other problems in X. There are also bug-fixes to several other 974 packages. This is the Debian GNU/Linux Binary CD. It is part of a two-CD set, the other CD containing the source.
Linux Distro: Debian 1.3
Kernel: 2.0.33
Codename: Bo
Type: Stable
Date: 5 June 1997
Feature: The inclusion of XFree86 3.3

Linux Games

Free Linux Games

Most popular and free collection games for Linux operation system. Some of these games are extremely popular and used by thousands of users in the world. List of video game genres: CD1 (Action), CD2 (Strategy, Arcade), CD3 (Simulator, Logical, Installers, Demos), CD4 (RPG, Board, Utils).


How to install the game in Linux?

rpm -Uvh name_of_the_game

How to install the game from source code?

./configure –prefix=path_to_the_game
make install

Name: Linux Games (4CD)
Type: Stable
Date: 2004
Comment: GPL license, RPM

Download CD1, CD2, CD3, and CD4