openSUSE 13.1

openSUSE 13.1

openSUSE 13.1 comes with much improved font hinting thanks to the new font engine in Freetype 2.5. YaST has been ported to Ruby, opening contribution up to a large number of skilled developers. In this release, ActiveDoc replaces and the majority of packaged documents in openSUSE, lowering the barrier to contribution.


Linux Distro: openSUSE 13.1
Type: Stable
Date: November 2013
Kernel: 3.11.6
Feature: Introduced OpenStack Havana

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FreeBSD 3.1

FreeBSD 3.1 (ISO)

Welcome to 3.1-RELEASE, a full follow-on to the 3.0-RELEASE released November 1998 and which marked the beginning of the 3.0-STABLE branch. In the 4 months since 3.0 was released, many hundreds of bug fixes and general enhancements were made to the system.


Linux Distro: FreeBSD 3.1
Type: Stable
Date: February 1999
Kernel: 2.2.13
Feature: Security and hardware fixes.

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