Marvelously, that’s exactly what bootable Linux distro (also called live image) such as KNOPPIX do. The image holds up to 2GB of compressed software for you to run that uncompressed on-the-fly. Start it up
and you can see out all the points of KNOPPIX 5 system, without installing the contents of your hard disk.

KNOPPIX 5 refers to the fifth major release of KNOPPIX, a popular live Linux distribution. KNOPPIX is designed to run directly from a bootable CD or USB flash drive without the need for installation on a hard drive. The distribution is known for its comprehensive hardware detection, wide range of pre-installed software, and the ability to act as a rescue system or demonstration platform


KNOPPIX is provided to be the best bootable Linux available. When KNOPPIX 5.0.1 was released in June, 2006, it was distributed first as a live image and was touted more as a complete operating system on disk than a convenient desktop live system.

Linux Distro: KNOPPIX 5
Kernel: 2.6.19
Type: Stable
Date: 2006-02-25
Feature: KNOPPIX Linux Live CD (Russian Edition)