Mac Ubuntu

Mac Ubuntu

Mac Ubuntu operation system. Mac Ubuntu is an open-source program, specially designed to transform Linux’s appearance and layout into a real Mac OS X environment. Although Macbuntu is dedicated to Ubuntu Linux OS, it might be used in other OS based on Ubuntu or Debian systems.


Linux Distro: Mac Ubuntu 10.10
Name: Macbuntu
Kernel: 2.6
Type: Stable
Date: 2010
Feature: GTK theme based on GTK Leopard, Mac OS X backgrounds and fonts, and Macbuntu sound theme.

Download Mac Ubuntu

Red Hat 9

Red Hat Linux 9.0

Red Hat 9 comes with code-named Shrike, was updated on April, 2003. The kernel released with the CDs is 2.4.20. Everything has been compiled with typical compiler GCC 3.2 and with important system library GNU libc 2.3.


The complete archive contains 9 CD: shrike-docs-APAC, shrike-docs-EMEA, shrike-docs-US, shrike-i386-disc1, shrike-i386-disc2, shrike-i386-disc3, shrike-SRPMS-disc1, shrike-SRPMS-disc2, and shrike-SRPMS-disc3.
Red Hat 9 is indeed a nice and beautiful KDE or Gnome desktop. Overall good performance and Red Hat stability. The Red HaT 9.0 will be basis for the new future product RHEL 3.

Linux Distro: Red Hat 9
Name: Shrike
Kernel: 2.4.20-8
Type: Stable
Date: 31 March 2003
Feature: KDE 3, GNOME 2. Introduced NPTL and new updated kernel 2.4.

Download Red Hat Linux 9.0 (9CD, RAR5)

Telnet Linux

Telnet Linux


Telnet is the traditional and very old protocol (similar to SSH) for remote console connections over TCP/IP. The telnet communication software is a user text mode interface to the TELNET protocol. Default protocol is TCP and port is 23. Telnet protocol was created in 1969 used to remote of systems over Network via text mode.

The telnet command is used for interactive text communication with another server or client using this protocol. Telnet is two sides: the server-side service and client program.


How to install telnet server


# apt-get install telnetd


# yum install telnet-server telnet

Red Hat enterprise Linux

# up2date telnet-server telnet

Activate the Telnet server on Linux:

# systemctl telnetd start
# systemctl telnetd enable

How to use telnet client

open terminal and type:

# telnet IP_ADDRESS 23

With telnet you can connect to a remote Linux computer or run programs remotely and general plan of administration.

If required you could change access permissions and allow root user login to telnet server. To do this you have to modify the /etc/security file.

Telnet Commands: USER, PASS, LIST, RETR, and DELE.